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About AGSTECH Co., Ltd.

AGStech is established in Taiwan, Asia and is the specialized in power & electronic products ODM & OEM.
Our products are Power - UPS, Inverter, Battery Charger, AVR, Power Saving Computer Strip & Contactless Charger.
We have strong research and development team with mechanical team for mould design, mould manufacture, plastic injection parts & metal parts design manufacture & CPU program design, circuit diagram design… for complete products assembly..
Our production rules are best quality and technology leading. We get the trust and approval from customers for a long-term relations.

1974 Leading in AC/DC & AC/AC adapter, DC/DC converter & battery charger.
1994 Established mechanical design company with mold & injection, based in Taiwan.
1995 ODM Barcode machine
2001 Declaration of Sine wave Long-run & Rack mount series.
2008 Declaration of pure sine wave Home Inverter.
2008 Established subsidiary company, based in Taiwan.
2008 Mechanical design & make mold - Marine GPS
2009 ODM animal foxlights protect device design and manufacture
2010 Mechanical design & make mold - Agricultural Industrial Computer
2010 ODM "Electronic Nasal Aspirator" mechanical design with PCBA
2010 Released the 10KVA / 12KVA models with Rack / Tower convertible feature.
2011 Mechanical design & make mold of weight loss bed, customized.
2011 Induction charger ODM design for GPS device
2012 Released High efficiency On-line UPS with efficiency > 93% & Common Neutral
2012 Mechanical design with plastic parts - GPS IP67
2012 Mechanical design & make mold - Blood Glucose machine
2013 USB Computer power strip ODM design
2014 Special DC UPS
2015 Design and Manufacture for Solar vs USB charging lights
2016 Mechanical Eyeball PhoneDock / Fire & Sircuity
2017 Voice Controller ODM (PCBA with Mechanical design)
◆ Email: sales@agstech.com.tw

Website: www.agstech.com.tw Email: sales@agstech.com.tw TEL: 886-939-381389 Contact: Ms. Glinda Lin skype: glinda.tw MSN: glinda.tw@hotmail.com *** Molding / Plastic molding/ Double Injection / Overmould *** --- www.jawbonetw.com Manufacture -- More than 20 years experience of molding design & manufacture. Form ID design, molding design, molding making, injection, complete products assembly. Email: glinda.lin@jawbone.com.tw ***Battery Charger*** Manufacture -- More than 20 years experience. Email: sales@agstech.com.tw *** Inverter *** Taiwan Inverter marine inverter, telecom inverter Manufacture -- More than 20 years experience. Pure sine wave inverter, ODM professional, solar inverter Email: upsinverter.tw@gmail.com powerscan ups, powerscan inverter power inverter, dc to ac power , dc inverter power, ac inverter power, car power inverter, auto power inverter, 12v inverter voltage, charger inverter, inverter pure sine wave, inverter vector, car inverter, inverter rv, inverter pallet inverter *** Contactless Charging Solution *** ODM for contactless electronic products, contactless charging solution. Email: glinda.tw@gmail.com *** PowerScan UPS --- Uninterruptible Power Supply *** * Universal input UPS - SI-400U Manufacture -- More than 20 years experience. Focus on pure sine wave line interactive UPS, ODM professional, internal stand-by UPS Email: sales@agstech.com.tw CNC-Drehmaschine, CNC-Teile, CNC-Fräsen, CNC-Metall-Teile, CNC-Fahrradteile UPS, Wechselrichter, Umrichter Telecom, Rack-Wechselrichter, reiner Sinus-Wechselrichter Torno CNC, piezas CNC, fresado CNC, CNC de piezas de metal, piezas de bicicleta de CNC UPS, inversor, inversor de Telecom, para montaje en rack inversor, inversor de onda sinusoidal pura Tour CNC, CNC pièces, fraisage CNC, CNC des pièces métalliques, pièces de bicyclette CNC UPS, Onduleur, onduleur Telecom, rack onduleur, onduleur sinusoïdal pur CNC旋盤、のCNC部品のCNCフライス加工、金属部品のCNC 、自転車部品のCNC UPSは、インバータ、インバータテレコム、ラックマウント、純粋な正弦波インバータインバータdisk UPS
1000W inverter, 1000W UPS

Dual Input UPS, 1000VA / 600W, 1500VA / 900W, 2200VA / 1350W

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堅睦集團   明風集團  solar foxlights, solar lights, solar outdoor lights
iphone 6 iphone6 模具 iphone6 pl UPS
iphone6, 帝王別墅

AP-0100 AP-0500 AD-050 AD-100 AGS-050 AGS-100


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