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DC-AC Sine Wave Inverters for CCTV and Security Systems
50VA Rugged, Industrial Quality Sine Wave Inverter for CCTV Systems

ABSOPULSE Electronics has recently released the CSI 50-24/24-FT, an industrial quality low voltage DC-AC inverter, specifically designed and optimized for powering CCTV systems.

The inverter utilizes field proven, microprocessor controlled high frequency PWM technology to convert the 24Vdc input to a 24Vac pure sine wave output. Regulation is better than ±3% from no load to full load. Efficiency is a minimum of 80% at full load at 24Vdc output. A 12Vdc, 36Vdc, 48Vdc or 125Vdc input version is available on request.

A purpose designed topology for this low input/output version streamlines the circuitry, resulting in higher MTBF at lower cost versus comparable 115Vac output units.

The input and output are filtered for low noise. The input meets the requirements for EN55022 Class B for conducted noise and radiated emissions. This ensures that the unit can be used in EMI sensitive environments, including residential areas, without any additional filtering.

The CSI 50-24/24-FT unit is cooled by natural convection. Heat generating components are also conduction cooled to the base plate. When installed on a heat-sinking surface, the +50°C operating temperature can be extended up to 70°C. Versions for -20°C or lower temperatures are also available.

The compact, light-weight inverter is housed in a robust aluminum chassis. Full ruggedizing and conformal coating are available for immunity to high levels of shock, vibration and moisture.

Electronic protection includes inrush current limiting, reverse polarity protection, input transient clamping, output current limiting and short-circuit protection. It meets EN/UL60950-1 and equivalent industrial standards.

ABSOPULSE Electronics is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM). We design and manufacture an extensive range of industrial and railway grade ac-output power conversion products in-house.


Key Features
  • Sinusoidal output voltage
  • Application: CCTV and security systems
  • DC-input: 24Vdc (12Vdc, 36Vdc, 48Vdc or 125Vdc on request)
  • AC-output: 24Vac continuous at 50Hz
  • Line-load regulation: ±3% from no load to full load
  • EMI: EN55022 Class B
  • Cooling by natural convection
  • Full ruggedizing and conformal coating (optional)
  • 0°C to +50°C operating temperature range at full spec.
  • Up to +70°C as well as -20°C or lower operating temp. available
  • Output-fail alarm, Form C (optional)
  • Minimum 80% efficiency at full load
  • Dimensions: 114 x 51 x 201 mm (4.5" x 2" x 7.9") W x H x D

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